The Dangerous Idiots set to pummel stage at Discovery Night Club

You read that right. We are at Discovery Night Club this Saturday night, April 22! It’s us and Vintage Pistol (Fayetteville) and the night is going to RULE!!! Tix are $10 – which is a paltry sum for any true fan of live music. And, as always, we can promise ZERO Coldplay covers. This is The Dangerous Idiots guarantee: to micturate forever, and publicly, on the soft, squishy grossness that is Coldplay.

See you Saturday night at Disco.

Last night’s Reno’s show

We teetered on possibly opening (again) for Local H at Stickyz on Saturday, April 8, but we are SO glad that didn’t work out. In truth, we decided back in February to accept Jamie Lou’s offer to headline at Reno’s in Argenta and holy shit was it a great night. The crowd was full of Dangerous Idiots fans and they wouldn’t let us stop playing. Kept counting down the last few mins, “You got twelve more minutes! Keep playing…. ” You got three more minutes keep playing.” When we were finally done, a dude yelled, “You got 38 more seconds on my watch.”

To the folks at Reno’s last night, thank you for your warmth and general badassery. Yalls are great stuff. Oh and your food is excellent!

Midtown Billiards lives!!

The Dangerous Idiots is pleased to announce that one of our favorite haunts, the great and venerable Midtown Billiards, is back! Rising from the ashes (quite literally!), this majestic phoenix / bar is set to dominate late night in Little Rock once again! The Dangerous Idiots and Midtown go together like chocolate and peanut butter or Donald Trump and ridiculous, easily fact-checkable, world-threatening lies.

Friday, June 9, you can see us curb stomp the stage at Midtown Billiards with our Gulch Rock yet again. Long live Midtown Billiards! Congratulations, guys. We’re glad you’re back.

The next two shows are Russellville and Argenta! Hot damn!

Russellville peoples. The Dangerous Idiots loves you. Not simply because y’all are a great audience to play for – but also because your music scene is excellent. Aaron used to host Shoog Radio, and he used to praise the music scene in Russellville. We’re playing with two of R’ville’s finest: Jamie Lou and the Hullabaloo and Uncle Fatty and the Freeloaders. The show is at The Cavern. Don’t miss this one. We even moved the original date from spring break to Friday, April 7 so e’erybody would be in town.

Saturday, April 8, we are at Reno’s in Argenta. This is a double bill with us and Jamie Lou and the Hullabaloo – who are, easily, one of our favorite bands. Such great musicians, such great songs, such decent people. Argenta, how often does a truly entertaining show roll through your burb? If you don’t count The Joint – which has great shows all the time – we are willing to bet that it’s somewhat rare. So, come out and get your ears caressed by Jamie Lou and then side-to-sided by The Dangerous Idiots.


Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 3.49.59 PM

Friday night, we are back in Memphis!

Your favorite Gulch Rock band, The Dangerous Idiots, is playing Memphis, TN this Friday night! Exclamation point? Heck golly yes exclamation point! Why? Because Memphis rules. The Dangerous Idiots plays songs that rule, and Memphis rules. The Dangerous Idiots and Memphis go together like chocolate and peanut butter, bacon and eggs, butter and scotch. We’ve played (and love) many venues in Memphis, and this Friday, we are playing one of our favorites: The Blue Monkey on Madison Avenue. We’re not sure if it’s the crowds, the excellent bar, the awesome staff or the phenomenal sound, but we can’t get enough of The Blue Monkey. So, we’re coming back this Friday night, March 24. And, once again, Memphis friends… We love to see you there.

Plus, our new drummer, Greg, is a powerhouse and has turned our already ballslappingly excellent rock anthems into golden juggernauts of pure musical bliss. Not an exaggeration. “Cooler Than You” and “Sad” and “Sunny with a Chance of Bullets” – as well as so many others – all sound like an iron fist punch to your soul.

P.s. Send us your favorite cover for us to learn. If it doesn’t suck, we will learn it for you.

The Dangerous Idiots at Valley of the Vapors – March 18

Hey friends and fans of the most dangerous and idiotic band out there! We wanted to let you know that our very next show is next Saturday night, March 18, and it’s a good one! We’re playing at Valley of the Vapors Music Fest. Here is a link to the schedule:

We can’t wait to get 2017 going! We’ve got a killer new drummer, a pile of new songs, and a whole lot of love in our hearts for you guys and for 2017, which will be the year of The Dangerous Idiots. Wait until you hear these new songs. They make Role Model and He Who Has the Information look like crayon drawings on a wall by comparison.

Tell your Hot Springs friends to head down to Maxine’s on Saturday night, March 18. And if you’re from Hot Springs, we hope to see you there ! ! !

The Dangerous Idiots - Live at The Legendary WWT (07-20-13) - 13

Aaron Sarlo, seen here melting a teensy section of the universe into a scrumptious rock paste with his well-documented otherworldly guitar skills. [Photo by Steven Veach Photography]

2017 Booking Is Underway! and OH MY GOD our next single is AWESOME!!

We are adding shows all the time in 2017. Featured shows include (so far) a slot in The Valley of the Vapors Music Fest, our triumphant return to Memphis, and a spot in the Harmony in the Hollow Music Fest. Soon, we’ll be returning to our old haunt, Midtown Billiards, and this spring and summer, we’ll be back on the road – possibly coming to your town.

In other news, we are finishing up the final tracks for our OPUS (emphasis ours) rock song. Without doubt, and this is not hyperbole, we have written and recorded one of the greatest songs in the history of rock music. Not a joke. Not a tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating quip. In all seriousness, our next single, which will be in your ears one way or another, is honest-to-God one of the greatest rock songs ever recorded. Not in the past 10 years. Not in the past 25 years. Ever.

You will listen. You will agree.

More to come soon.