This is amazing!

Aaron has turned a funny tune done on comedy stages into a piece worthy of a movie soundtrack.

– Michael Brown (comedian)

This song will make your life better

If you think there’s nothing new under the sun, this song will make you re-think that.

– iTunes

Best lyricist in Arkansas!

This song is pure music-comedy gold.

– Kristal Kuykendall (journalist)

Penis Tsunami is hilarious

Aaron Sarlo is a very serious, talented musician and lyricist who has produced a tune so downright funny it will make everyone smile.

– iTunes

Funny AF

This song is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. It’s beautiful yet hilarious. It’s dumb yet really clever. It’s catchy as hell but you’ll never get sick of hearing it. Penis Tsunami just might be the greatest comedy song of all time.

– iTunes


A masterful composition combining both beauty and absurdity. Beautiful instrumentals and vocals on top of laugh out loud hilarious lyrics.


– iTunes


– Sean Clancy  (the Arkansas Democrat-gazette)


An Instant Comedy Classic!

This song is one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s absolutely beautiful too. Reminds me of a long lost country song from the 70’s. Five stars is not enough!

– iTunes


I have loved this song since the first time I heard it. I have laughed so  much!!!

– iTunes


Funny is funny! Good writing is good writing! Aaron Sarlo continues to cross conceptual lines you never knew you wanted crossed. He’s good like that! 

– iTunes

Comedy Genius

Music & comedy oozes from his soul. He is sharp-witted, funny, & has a middle finger on the pulse of society. His comedic intelligence is in the same vein as comic icons such as Bill Hicks & George Carlin.

– Gray Matter Radio

A legend in Little Rock music

I haven’t met a more genuine and supportive dude than this guy. He also happens to be multi-talented!

– Michael Leonard Witham (musician)

This song is a real ear worm

I was less than enthused about the idea of a penis tsunami but the tune is really catchy!

– Ashlie Atkinson (actor)

Comedic Ear Candy

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s super funny, but it’s also an amazing, beautifully written and performed song

– iTunes

The best comedy song ever

One of my favorite comedy songs. A really catchy tune that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

– Jay Jackson (comedian)

Serious Fun

It made me feel like I was hearing Ween’s 13th Golden Country Great, haha!

– iTunes


DANGEROUS IDIOTS is the best American album since Bleach.

– iTunes