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Dangerous Idiots is a three-piece rock band from Little Rock, USA. The band is Aaron Sarlo (vocals, guitar), Jake Rutherford (bass), Greg Olmstead (drums).

Formed in 2010 by Aaron Sarlo (singer/songwriter and founder of legendary pop-punk band, Techno Squid Eats Parliament), Dangerous Idiots has lit up stages across the South with their high-energy shows, their humor, and their unforgettable pop-punk anthems.




“Sarlo and co’s new record is lean, straight to the point and bereft of any flab. ‘Thick’ kicks off the LP, with a gauzy riff and a drum lick that’s buoyed by an infectious shimmy ‘n’ shake. As well as carrying a muscular wallop, there’s a playfulness to ‘Mentor or Tormentor’” – We Were Promised So Much

“From the moment you hear ‘Are you tired of all the bullsh*t, that leads into their track, He Who Has the Information Is the Leader, it’s clear that this is no ordinary band, nor album. It’s more than lyrics, it’s a statement.” – Chris McKay

“A blistering batch of eight pop-punk tracks that highlight Sarlo’s quirky sense of humor — just check the rollicking earworm “Rob Zombee’s Halloween 2.” – The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“America has churned out another interesting album, and this time it’s from the band, Dangerous Idiots, whose main man, Aaron Sarlo, wrote his first album by the age of 16. DANGEROUS IDIOTS is filled with honest, truth-telling lyrics and packed full of great riffs with lots of pent-up energy.” – No Insults All Morals

“Dangerous Idiots have produced a record distilling all that is Rock ‘n’ Roll. This definitely isn’t the work of idiots, it could almost be genius.” – We Were Promised So Much

“A perfect mix of goose-bumps-inducing sincerity and pure pop-rock ear candy… The album has a rawness about it, a compelling sound that feels like you’re discovering a great, great band. Lyrically and musically they’re sharp as a button.” – The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“A blast of an album — well-crafted, catchy tunes played by veteran, professional musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously, but still create a sonic flurry of sounds, harking back to the best of late-20th century college rock” – Sync Weekly

Driven by Sarlo’s eternally earnest vocals, the band is lauded for philosophically savvy tunes like ‘He Who Has the Information,’ but can just as easily rip out a heartbreakingly sweet love song like ‘Wifi’– Arkansas Times

“The self-depreciation humour [is] like a lamentation, the type drunkenly half-sung in the alley of some dive bar after a binge. Dangerous Idiots plays a smoldering sound full of distortion and acid lyrics… Sounds of 70’s AM radio rock for a long stretch of road in the desert.” – Sloucher

“Amongst the fuzzy riffs, clattering drums, and raw, three-part harmonies, there is a surprising amount of lyrical depth and poignancy.” – AltSounds

“Dangerous Idiots inspire camaraderie and ‘rising up against the man.’ It has been a while since we have had a damn good pop punk band.” – We Are Unseen

“The really super catchy track is ‘Can I Get a Role Model,’ a true music and lyrical vision… Yeah, I think Aaron Sarlo is the man.” – Frengers Attack

“This shouldn’t be considered a substitute for being in the room when Dangerous Idiots hurl hard truths into the crowd… What’s more, frontman Aaron Sarlo’s lyrics cut closer to the bone than ever.” – The Arkansas Times

“‘Sad,’ with its technicolor vibes and Aaron Sarlo’s voice really make it stand out. I wish Aaron would do more acoustic numbers. I’m sure they would be sublime.” – The 405


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