Cover story: The dangerous idiots live

by Peter Read | Nightflying Entertainment Guide | July 2013


On Saturday, July 20, the legendary White Water Tavern will be the site of a live album & DVD production featuring The Dangerous Idiots and YOU. Also on the bill will be Adam Faucett, who will open the show.

Due to the incredible feel of this infamous venue, not to mention the great acoustics of the room, the White Water has been the scene of many a live recording through the years. Blues Patrol, Burger, Amy Garland, and Bonnie Montgomery are but some of the artists who’ve used the club to capture their live work.

The importance of recording live is that, while many bands can play live shows well, few musicians have had enough studio experience to really be able to use it as a tool as it should be used. They’re used to playing live shows, but it takes a special arrangement to really capture their live energy…..hence, the “live”

The Dangerous Idiots consists of Aaron Sarlo (vocals, guitar, ukelele), Jake Rutherford (bass), Leewood Thomas (drums), and backup drummer Randy Harsey. The group has previously released several recordings, but this will be their first live album, and possibly the first-ever DVD made at the club by anyone. The good folks actually shooting the video will be Mike Poe, Christy Ward and Cody Riggan, with Jason Tedford at the helm of the audio recorder. Patrons will also have the chance to sign up as “co-producers’ and have their names listed on the actual releases for having been at the event. Artist Chris Raymond, of Sonuvagon Studios, is providing the cover artwork (as he did for this edition of Nightflying.) 

Mostar Records, the Dangerous Idiot’s label, will be releasing this project internationally in the next several months.

So, Saturday, July 20 at the White Water Tavern, come be an extra in a concert film!! Come be a part of a Dangerous Idiots album! Come out and drink so much beer and have such a good time that when you finally watch the film you’ll say proudly, “Holy crap! I was there?? I don’t remember any of that night… Come show your love for The Dangerous Idiots, for Adam Faucett, and especially for one of the coolest live music venues in the state of Arkansas, The White Water Tavern.



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