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a bit of rough rock and roll

by No Insults All Morals | August 15, 2011


America has churned out another interesting album, and this time it’s from the band, Dangerous Idiots, whose main man, Aaron Sarlo, wrote his first album by the age of 16.

For me, this band has managed to create a sound that takes you back to the time of Nirvana and the pinnacle of grunge — but with a modern twist. It’s easy to hear this trio’s influences of the Pixies and the Foo Fighters when you listen to their self-titled debut album. The opening track, He Who Has the Information Is the Leader, hits you hard with a 70’s inspired punk sound, but it soon turns into something grungier with softer verses followed by heavy, anthemic choruses. 

The album is filled with honest, truth-telling lyrics that make you sit back and think. Their lead single, Can I Get a Role Model, is packed full of great riffs with lots of pent-up energy. But, for me, the track that makes the album is Never Want to Let You Go. Its lyrics are simple but powerful. You can imagine these three guys putting on one hell of a show. 

For those of you who love your rock rough and ready, you’ll love this album. 



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