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dangerous idiots: rock and roll straight to your loser face

by Frengers Attack | July 14, 2011


Hey, friends. How many of you have heard of Dangerous Idiots before? Okay, let me introduce this band. Dangerous Idiots is the latest musical project by Aaron Sarlo, and his friend, Shayne Gray and new recruit, Paul Bowling. 

Aaron Sarlo is well known in the rock and garage scene, he signed with legendary label, Ardent Records, worked with Grammy™ winning producer, John Hampton, performed with cult bands, Techno Squid Eats Parliament and Slept, as well as played shows with Cheap Trick, The Farm, Cracker, and Bare Naked Ladies, and played the legendary South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, as well as North by Northeast, and Mtv’s 120 Minutes. 

After an 8 year hiatus, Aaron Sarlo returned to music — founding Dangerous Idiots, and signed with Mostar Records, releasing their self-titled, gulch rock opus on Mostar 6th July, 2011. 

The super catchy track is Can I Get a Role Model, a great musical vision. Think Weezer meets Tenacious D meets Dinosaur Jr. meets The Flaming Lips and you’ll have a good idea. Tracks like He Who Has the Information Is the Leader, and Cooler Than You, have a sound like raw garage rock, and are a freedom vision from Aaron Sarlo. Yeah, I think Aaron Sarlo is the man. 

On Amerijuana and Titties, Dangerous Idiots is playing straight-up rock and roll, but with well-done recording quality. They pay attention to the details in production. ‘Dangerous Idiots’ is very raw, but very high quality rock and roll.

Rock and roll with hooky chorus and straight to your LOSER FACE. 



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