Dangerous idiots: live at vino’s

by Stephanie Smittle | The Arkansas Times | June 30, 2016


If you like your pop-punk swift and smart, you’ll need to pull up a patch of concrete at Vino’s Friday night. Dangerous Idiots, a self-described “gulch rock” trio, takes the stage first, on the verge of releasing its “Marijuana” EP this summer, featuring the single “If You Don’t Smoke Pot, I Don’t Trust You.” Driven by front man Aaron Sarlo’s eternally earnest vocals, the band (for this show, Greg Olmstead on drums and Jake Rutherford on bass) has been lauded for philosophically savvy tunes like “He Who Has the Information Is the Leader,” but can just as easily rip out a heartbreakingly sweet love song like “Wifi” (“you will never need a home as long as there’s the slightest spark in these old bones”) or “Sad,” a two-minute jewel shrouded in ukulele and resignation (“the only thing we control is how much to care, if at all”).



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