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album review: Dangerous Idiots

by AltSounds | July 5, 2011


After eight years, Aaron Sarlo is ending a self-imposed hiatus from his musical career — that began in ‘95 with Techno Squid Eats Parliament and ended with Slept around 2000. He returns as the guitar-wielding front man of Little Rock three-piece, Dangerous Idiots, a thread of Americana woven through the punk/new wave livery. 

Totaling ten tracks, and just over 30 minutes, the album is a series of short, sharp shots of rock. Aaron Sarlo seems utterly unafraid to throw the full force of his emotions into each performance, giving the music a level of sincerity that’s rather becoming. He appears equally disillusioned and aggravated throughout the record. But, he’s not lost his sense of humour entirely. Can I Get a Role Model is equal parts fun-poking and social commentary, while Titties is, well, 4:33 dedicated to breasts. 

It’s not all the same fare, either. Closing track, Sad, exposes an introspective, acoustic side to the band — causing one to speculate on the content of the other two LP’s written in early 2010 along with this one. 

There is a sense of immediacy to Dangerous Idiots sound that perhaps makes it come off a little shallow, or even angsty. However, for those willing to spend some time amongst the fuzzy riffs, clattering drums, and raw, three-part harmonies, there is a surprising amount of lyrical depth and poignancy. Yes, it’s a bit ragged around the edges, but just listening to the record you can practically see the trio throwing themselves around on a live stage, a heaving mosh pit beneath them — and that’s no bad thing.



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