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dangerous idiots: Dangerous Idiots (album)

by Gavin Bevan | The 405 | July 7, 2011


Aaron Sarlo and his merry band of men, collectively known as Dangerous Idiots, are the first artist to release a full LP on independent label, Mostar Records. Sarlo has an interesting past, having been involved in bands called Slept and the strangely named, Techno-Squid Eats Parliament. Now he is back with this self-titled debut from his latest project, Dangerous Idiots. 

The album, having been written when the U.S. was governed by ever popular George W. Bush, I was sure it wasn’t going to contain many niceties. I was right. The opening line of “Are you tired of all the bullshit,” sets the tone for a collection of songs with drums and guitars working as one, driving their rhythms straight to your throat. The track, Methadone, conveys the feeling of being at a gritty show, when you know you’re witnessing something good, with heavy guitars resembling Queens of the Stone Age style head banging. 

Dangerous Idiots do mix it up slightly with Can I Get a Role Model, a more subtle affair, reminding me of my youth, with its Blink 182-type lyrics right up until it kicks into a wall of distortion — mimicking some of Billy Corgan’s best work. Less for You stays in line with the softened mood, containing a lethargic bass line while Sarlo croons for a while. You almost expect the chorus to be all noise again, except it’s more controlled, which adds a nice change and makes Dangerous Idiots seem less one dimensional. 

Closer, Sad, meanwhile, with its technicolor vibes, single instrument, and Aaron Sarlo’s voice really make it stand out. I think that Dangerous Idiots slower numbers display where their talent lies, but there always seems to be that obligatory bit of distortion thrown in for good measure. Dangerous Idiots may be a bit repetitive with their ideas, but then, the same could be said of the latest Foo Fighters record, and it didn’t do them any harm. I just wish Aaron would do a few more acoustic numbers, as I’m sure they would be sublime. 



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