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exclusive: dangerous idiots

by Lauren Peel | We Are Unseen | July 26,2011


Dangerous Idiots is potentially one of the least subtle band names there is. Suggesting they are more about poking fun at themselves than playing music, the band name gave very little away about what to expect. So, when their album opens with the track, He Who Has the Information Is the Leader, I am shocked to hear a frustrated scream, “Are you tired of all the bullshit?!” which then falls straight into a fragile, old school rock sound. The vocalist’s tone sounds very brittle, contrasting with the clearly very irritated message this song tries to get across. The guitar melody is incredibly simple, but strangely enough this works. This band aren’t trying to be complicated and fancy. They are just trying to be themselves. 

Can I Get a Role Model is a flashback to the good old days when real pop punk was on the rise. The song sounds like it’s having a jolly good time, but is instead trying to get across the band’s opinion of a failing society. Again, the music is very simple, and the beauty of this song lays in this, with lyrics like “my teachers don’t know their mouth from their ass / so they don’t know they’re shitting when they lecture the class / can I get a role model?” It’s upbeat, it’s danceable, and you can bet that the kids will be relating to every word they hear as the form their own (yet influenced) negative views on society. 

This upbeat attitude continues in Cooler Than You. “I lead a pathetic life / but I know I’m still cooler than you.” These songs are anthems for rock and roll losers everywhere — the same kinds of songs bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 used to write when they wanted to be the favourite band of every 15-18 year old underdog. It works fantastically for Dangerous Idiots. When I was 15, I would have thought this album was written specifically for me and my friends. 

Dangerous Idiots has a song called Titties. I really don’t have much to say about this track except the lyrics include, “Titties / I want them all the time / give me big ones, give me small ones / I don’t care I just want them all my time.” Most of this song is a ballad. Get your head around that one. 

Dangerous Idiots inspire camaraderie and ‘rising up against the man.’ It has been a while since we have had a damn good pop punk band rising through the ranks. Maybe it’s time for a new set of boys to take the reins, and steer the cool losers (never a bad thing, I think I still am one) through the tough years. Dangerous Idiots could be that band. 

For fans of Blink 182, The Ramones 



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